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General Question?

What is SudaShip, Inc?

SudaShip is a USA based shipping company specializing in flat rate shipping suite cases/Packages from 50 USA states to Sudan. Sorry we currently don’t ship from Hawaii and Alaska. We are small but growing shipping company that is dedicated to providing superior shipping services by utilizing the latest technology to accurately pick, store, and distribute your shipment. Moreover, we have a very dedicated and experience team in Sudan that will work tirelessly to ensure the quickest way to deliver your shipment to your beloved ones in Sudan.

What is the benefit of SudaShip over other shipping companies?
  1. Flat price shipping service
  2. Pick up service from business and homes.
  3. We handle all customs fees and taxes in Sudan.
  4. Process and Pay for your shipment online.
Who is SudaShip, Inc is designed for?

SudaShip was designed for all but to limited to the following

  • Do you have any extra or used clothes, children clothes, shoes that you don’t need any more we can help you ship it to your family and friend back home in Sudan.
  • Do you have used or old children toys, books, sheets that are sitting around the house doing nothing that can be very useful for a family member or a friend back home.
  • Do you have access to giant retail stores that have sales all the time and items that can be purchased for cheap to be send back home and help the needy.
  • Do you have any school, music, English, math, or any subjects books that can be send back home to Sudan and help to develop the children and the youth of Sudan.
  • Do you have home accessories or dishes, cooking ware, kitchen items that can be send with a family member, friend or a person in need back home.
  • Do you have any used computer, laptop, iPad that can help a school or college student back home improve her/himself.
  • Do you have access to generic medication like multivitamin, or nutrition items that can aid a thick person or improve the general health of a young or old person.
  • Do you an old sport shoes, uniforms, small equipment’s, sport devices that are sitting around the home collecting dust that can send back home to that young boy or girl that can aid her/him in their physical development and keep them healthy.
  • Do you have those old phones or phone accessories that are sitting in your storage, closet or a box any where in your home collecting dust and occupying space in your home, we can help you send it to that person in Sudan we can really benefit from it.
  • Do you have or have access to any used or new college books that cover different types of specialization that can be send back home and aid many of our future generation young people.
  • Do you have access to general merchandise items that can beneficial for family member or friend back home.
  • Do you have that special person that you want to send him/her special gifts for wedding, engagement, graduation, or any special event that you may think about.
  • Do you have Video games or an old PlayStation that your relative or any family member kids might use it and be a valuable gift for him/her.
Why SudaShip, Inc does not ship from Alaska or Hawaii?

Due to the fact that shipping from those two states requires using air freight to USA mainland and that is very expensive. We are looking into figuring a way to add those two states to the states that we ship from.

Shipping Pricing.

What SudaShip, Inc flat price?
  1. From one (1) to ten (10) Pounds is $120 flat rate.
  2. Three dollars ($3) for each additional Pound.
  3. Maximum package/box/luggage weight is 50 Pounds.
  4. Customer can ship as many package/box/luggage as they may wish.

In Case of Pick-up service: Any oversize or over 50 Ibs weight shipments will be eligible for extra charges, therefore, please make sure your shipment is meeting the weight requirement. If you do have any question please contact our customer service Department.

What does SudaShip flat price include?
  1. Pick up service from business or home.
  2. Shipping to Sudan.
  3. We handle all customs fees and taxes in Sudan.
When does SudaShip charge extra fees?

In case of pick up service: If the shipment weights more than 50 Ibs you will be charge additional fees (depending upon the fees we get charge from our shipping partner). In some cases, the extra fees can be hundreds of dollars, therefore, we strongly recommend following our weigh guidelines.
Other than that we do not have any hidden/extra fees what you see is what you pay.

Why there is price difference between your Pick up and Drop off service?

The pick up service prices usually is higher the drop off price because your shipment incurs additional cost like picking up, transport, and delivering your shipment to our warehouse.

Who pays the custom in Sudan?

SudaShip, Inc does as long as you avoid our restriction shipping items, and your shipment does NOT include items for commercial purpose. SudaShip, Inc is committed to highest level of customer services and satisfaction, therefore, after we pick up your shipment we don’t rest till we deliver it to your specified receiver.

How do I change or cancel an order?

We understand that life is full of surprises, that’s why we go out of our way to make changing or canceling your booking easy. Simply contact us by phone, email or chat and one of our shipping specialists will be glad to make the necessary adjustments. Our cancellation policy offers a full refund before the pick up date, and after the pick up date the cancellation will be subject to a minimum cancellation fee $25 USD + the cost of shipping the package back to customer.

What payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master card, Amex, Money order, Cash.

Service Questions

What is the difference between your Pick up and Drop off service?

Pick up service is when we come to your business or home and pick up your shipment. Drop off is when you come to our warehouse in South Florida and drop off your shipment. 

Where can I drop off my Shipment?

At our South Florida Warehouse, Just call our office and schedule a date and time to drop off your shipment:

SudaShip, Inc
Contractors Business Park
2765 Vista Parkway Unit H-5
West Palm Beach, FL 33411

What size and weight of Suite Case package does SudaShip, Inc accept?

maximum weight of 50 Ibs.

Does SudaShip, Inc accept ONLY suite cases for shipment?

No. We ship boxes, metal boxes as long as they meet our shipment weight requirement of 50 Ibs maximum.

What are the requirement for shipping Electronics?

Should not have battery that is made of or have lithium.

How long it takes for Air shipment to reach Sudan?

Two to three weeks.

Does SudaShip, Inc ship to all parts of Sudan?

Sorry, After all shipments are cleared from customs they will be taken to our office and receivers come to our office and get their packages.

Does SudaShip, Inc accept my package directly from Amazon, Ebay or any major online retailers?

Absolutely, We accept all kind of packages from all the major online retailers in USA. Actually, we prefer this type of shipping because the package comes to our warehouse professionally packaged and secure.

How often do you ship to the Sudan?

Currently, we ship every two weeks. We are working on a plan to ship every week.

Can I drop my shipment at your South Florida Warehouse?

Sure, just schedule date and time with our office to drop your shipment.

What is the main difference between dropping off the shipment at UPS store Vs having the shipment picked up from my home of business?

Drop off is fast and you are on with your life, pick up from home or business have a 2 – 4 hours window for the driver to come and pick up your shipment. And both options are good, it’s just matter of personal preference.

Why SudaShip, Inc does not ship from Alaska or Hawaii?

Due to the fact that shipping from those two states requires using air freight to USA mainland and that is very expensive. We are looking into figuring a way to add those two states to the states that we ship from.

Does SudaShip, Inc ship Plastic or Cardboard Drums (barrel) 55 Gallons?


Does Sudaship Ship from Sudan to USA?

Currently, we are not, but we are working with several airlines to add this service in the near future.

Why it takes two or three weeks for my shipment to reach Sudan?

Because Air cargo generally requires extensive screening and security.

Do you ship by sea or air?

For packages by Air, for a full load container by sea.

Why my shipment is taking so long to reach Sudan?

We seriously treat each shipment as if its ours, and we dedicate the best human power and latest technology to achieve that, but there are several factors that we can not control or predict like air freight time, weather, and Sudanese Custom agency processing time.

What payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Master card, Amex, Money order, Cash.

Dose SudaShip ship to other countries?

Currently, we ship to Sudan only. We are working on plans to add services to both Suadia Arabia and United Arab Emirates.

From where do you pickup Shipments?

We provide flexible pickup service, after booking your shipment our system provides you with the option for pickup service. The service can arrange a pickup from any home, office, or business. If you live in a gated community or large building the driver may not be able to come to your front door and in that case you may need to meet the driver in the lobby of your building.

Does SudaShip can ship more than 10 packages?

Yes, simply please contact our office for special rate and arrangement without obligation. Our solutions are tailored on your individual requirements.

Do I need to be home for pickup?

We recommend you be there, but, You do not need to be present for pickup and most clients simply leave their shipment with a doorman or in a safe location at their residence. Our standard pickup options include two or four hour windows depending on the city you live in.

Where is my pickup driver?

SudaShip, Inc does not guarantee pickups but we work with our logistics partners to ensure they happen seamlessly. If your pickup window has passed and your shipment isn’t picked up yet then the driver may be running late.

In the case of a missed pickup, please contact us immediately. It is our priority to coordinate with you and ensure your Shipments is picked up as soon as possible. There are a number of things you can do to ensure the pickup is successful.

  • Verify the accuracy of the address provided to the pick up driver.
  • Follow the pickup instructions like providing gate access and any special instruction to reach your residence or business.
  • Have Shipment ready one hour before the start of your pickup window
  • Ensure the driver has access to the pickup location

SudaShip, Inc will work with you to ensure the smoothest and pick up process.

Why is my pickup late?

SudaShip, Inc does not guarantee pickup windows but our logistics partners do everything in their power to pickup shipments within the specified pickup window. Drivers can run behind schedule for a number of unforeseen reasons such as traffic or last minute changes to their route in your area. Some drivers work as late as 8:00 PM in residential areas.

Can I ship more than one package at a time?


How do I track my shipment?

Your shipment is under the watchful eye of our predictive tracking technology day and night from pickup to delivery. SudaShip’s tracking system allows you to track the status of your booking online:

How to view my booking history?

You can view your full booking history from the My Account section of our website. Once you sign in you should see your trip history listed on the dashboard.

Where do I find my receipt?

Your trip receipt is at the bottom of the confirmation email that was sent at the time of booking. If you require a more detailed receipt please contact us.

Why isn't my luggage tracking yet?

SudaShip, Inc works with a global network of logistics partners and some are better than others at providing real-time tracking information. There are two reasons why tracking may not be showing your luggage moving:

  • The Shipment has been collected but there is a delay in relaying tracking information
  • The shipment has not been collected yet

If your Shipment has not been collected yet, we often build extra time into our process and this doesn’t necessarily mean your shipment delivery will be delayed.
If you Shipment has been collected but you don’t see real-time tracking then please check back in a few hours.

Will I receive a delivery notification?

Our system does not provide that feature now. Hopefully, in the near future we will be able to provide you with receive confirmation.

Is customs paperwork required?

SudaShip, Inc clients never have to fill out customs paperwork. Our team of international shipping specialists will identify, complete and submit all of the current Sudan customs forms required to clear your shipments through customs quickly and predictably. One of the benefits of using SudaShip, Inc is that the receiver does not have to deal with the customs agency in Sudan we take care of everything.

When the receiver in Sudan will receive a call from SudaShip office in Sudan to come and pick up their package?

When all shipments are cleared from customs and they are in our office.

Does SudaShip, Inc ship from Sudan to USA?

In our next business expansion plan is to offer shipping from Sudan to the 50 USA states. Will keep you posted.

Does SudaShip, Inc offer expedited Air shipping service to Sudan?

Now, we provide Air shipping to Sudan. Expedited service is coming soon from all 50 states in USA.

Does SudaShip, Inc ship big items like furniture to Sudan?

No. but, we are currently working diligently with several freight companies to start offering this service. Will keep you updated.

Can I lock my luggage/suitcase?

Shipments must be unlocked as they may have to be opened as a normal part of the customs screening process. If shipments are locked and customs cannot open Item through other means, then the lock or seal may have to be broken, which may cause damage.

What is your guarantee?

SudaShip has one of the best shipment/luggage shipping guarantee on the planet and it is our way of saying you can count on us to get your shipment/luggage to Sudan, every time or we’ll make it up to you. Our Guarantee excludes delays caused by factors beyond our control including but not limited to customs delays, local or national weather conditions, natural disasters, ocean freight mechanical failures, or shipments containing prohibited items.

Booking System

How can schedule a pick up service?
  • There are two ways to schedule pick up service. First is online, second by calling our office.
  • After completing your online booking.
  • Click on the option to schedule a Pick Up service.
  • Choose time and location.
  • Provide pick up driver with pick up special instruction if any.
What is Electronic label?

System sends a label by e-mail to recipient. The recipient prints the label and attaches it to the shipment.

Can I print shipping label using regular printer?

Yes. Make sure the print out is clear especially the bar codes. Place shipping label at shipment using strong shipping tape.