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Labeling Packages Tips

Proper labeling eliminates errors and ensures that your package is delivered in a timely manner. Poor or improper labeling can be costly as it may lead to shipment get lost.

Print the label that is generated by the system/sent by us and place it outside the shipment (first leg of shipping from your home/business to our warehouse.

Secure address label outsize the box/suite-case/luggage by using strong clear tape designed for shipping.

Write the name and address of the person the package is going to clearly on two sides of the barrel/suite-case/luggage or box so it can be easily identified. Be careful that the name and address are spelled correctly.

For drop off shipment, write the name and address of the person it is coming from in smaller letters on one side.

Secure barrels with a lock or wire.

Boxes should be properly and securely taped.

We provide wrapping and strapping of boxes and totes for an additional fee.