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Feeding a Child Each Time We process a shipment.

Sudan has thousands of children struggling with hunger every day specially among elementary school students. We think this problem can be solved if we all put an effort into doing a little bit. Here at SudaShip, Inc (and with your help) we are set out to do our part.

Each time we ship a package, we donate a $10 to feed a hungry Sudanese child that is enough to feed a child for five days. We believe that by giving children the nutrition they need to thrive and reach their potential, we will be making a positive impact on the Sudan for generations to come.

How you can Help?

You are already helping. Each time you use us to ship a package we make a donation. Ending hunger one small step at a time. And of course, you can feel free to send donation (packages) directly to any reputable charity in Sudan and we will provide you with a substantial shipping rate discount.