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SudaShip, Inc Pricing Guideline

SudaShip Air Shipping to Sudan is very simple and affordable.

  • From one (1) to ten (10) Pounds is $120 flat rate.
  • Three dollars ($3) for each additional Pound.
  • Maximum package/box/luggage weight is 50 Pounds.
  • Customer can ship as many package/box/luggage as they may wish.

What does SudaShip Air Shipping price include?

Pick up service from business or home from any city in USA (Excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

Domestic shipping to our processing Warehouse in South Florida.

Air Shipping to Sudan.

Handle all clearing and processing requirements at Khartoum Airport.

Receiver in Sudan is responsible about all fees and customs at Khartoum Airport.

SudaShip pledges to donate 5% of all its proceeding to help fight childhood hunger in Sudan.

We accept shipments directly from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, and major online retailers, please call for details Tel: 1-800-666-2530

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