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About us

It is important to know whom you are dealing with when you trust your shipment to us. So read on: this is SudaShip, this is how we think, and this is how we move.

SudaShip is a USA based shipping company specializing in flat rate shipping suite cases/packages from 48 USA states to Sudan. Sorry we currently don’t ship from Hawaii and Alaska.

Do you have any extra or used clothes, children clothes, shoes that you don’t need any more we can help you ship it to your family and friend back home in Sudan.
Do you have any school, music, English, math, or any subjects books that can be send back home to Sudan and help to develop the children and the youth of Sudan.
Do you have access to generic medication like multivitamin, or nutrition items that can aid a thick person or improve the general health of a young or old person.
Do you have or have access to any used or new college books that cover different types of specialization that can be send back home and aid many of our future generation young people.
Do you have Video games or an old PlayStation that your relative or any family member kids might use it and be a valuable gift for him/her.
Do you have used or old children toys, books, sheets that are sitting around the house doing nothing that can be very useful for a family member or a friend back home.
Do you have home accessories or dishes, cooking ware, kitchen items that can be send to a family member, friend or a person in need back home.
Do you have access to general merchandise items that can beneficial for family member or friend back home.
Do you an old sport shoes, uniforms, small equipment’s, sport devices that are sitting around the home collecting dust that can send back home to that young boy or girl that can aid her/him in their physical development and keep them healthy.
Do you have access to giant retail stores that have sales all the time and items that can be purchased for cheap to be send back home and help the needy.
Do you have any used computer, laptop, iPad that can help a school or college student back home improve her/himself.
Do you have that special person that you want to send him/her special gifts for wedding, engagement, graduation, or any special event that you may think about.
Do you have those old phones or phone accessories that are sitting in your storage, closet or a box any where in your home collecting dust and occupying space in your home, we can help you send it to that person in Sudan who can really benefit from it.